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Dear Artists and Friends,

The relentless events of the last year have been unprecedented as we move through two worldwide pandemics. The pandemic of Covid-19 and the pandemic of racism.

Both of these realities have ravaged our artist community, yet we are grateful and in awe of the resiliency and grace with which our people continue to rise up against the barriers of systemic lack of access to adequate healthcare and the systemic scourge of racism.

As we push through the effects of Covid-19 on our communities, we are witnessing and marching through a modern-day, Civil Rights Era. Now is the time when the various creative displays of our art will tell our stories, struggle, fight and assured victory over racism, bigotry, police brutality, marginalization and systemic oppression.

We stand with our brothers, sisters and allies within the arts community who are committed to holding space for support, expression and healing.

Statements are necessary, but we must live up to the tenets of our commitment to Racial Justice.

- Cross Cultural Collective


 Located in Boston, the Cross Cultural Collective (C3) is a platform to elevate and celebrate African diasporic arts and its creators. The name signifies the many diasporic cultures that make up what we think of as Black arts.  The contemporary artists and programmers leading the collective have expertise in galvanizing the strength of community through dynamic expressions that span from visual and performing arts to design, photography, and health & wellness.

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