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Open House

What does SPACE mean to you?"
At the heart of The Cross Cultural Collective lies this question.

"Who uses a given space?"


"If you could change that

space, would you and how?"

"Who is welcomed there?"


"Does the space truly serve the needs of those that frequent it?"

Join us in exploring the importance of SPACE through conversation, visioning, poetry creation and art making. All artistic creations will be preserved on our COMMUNITY SQUARE: a 4ft x 4ft cube that functions as both a 3D gallery and a space for community to come together for conversation and art making.

The Cross Cultural Collective is a DESTINATION UPHAMS artist. This event is 1 of 3 events we will present this October and November. Learn more about DESTINATIONS UPHAMS here:



Located in the rear of the Spokehouse/Bowdoin Bike school at the corner of Dudley and Columbia

Dorchester, MA 02121

Masquerade Ball

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